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We created this website off the back of the success of our Facebook Page which went live back in November 2010. With the continued input and support from craft owners and former employees we continue to bring you as much information and specifications on each craft as possible. Individual accounts of story’s / pictures / problem solving / modifications etc are very much welcomed. The most important thing is for all involved to continue enjoying this British designed and built craft.

The brand Relcraft Cruisers were built from the late 1960’s with the last crafts constructed between 1987/88.







The original owner Roy Dutfield started constructing wooden speed boats before venturing into fibreglass construction.

The 19ft '9Teen / Ruby', alongside the 23ft 'Sapphire' were the first to hit the range.  With John Moxham as his hull and craft designer, many variants of the original design were made to cater for the individual needs of a customer and marketplace. The Pearl, Coral, Work and Sports fisher all coming from the hardy 23ft hull.

The unique deep-vee 22 degree hull with reverse chines running the length of the hull gave the hull an increased handling characteristic when acting as a displacement hull at slow speeds, made manoeuvrability in crowded moorings a less daunting prospect. As speed increased these chines force the water under the hull, increasing lift and reducing drag. This resulted in the crafts being able to hit the plane quicker than other conventional deep-vee hulls. Depending on the water conditions this enabled the 23ft range crafts to go onto the plane at around the 11knots; and the 29ft Topaz and Zircon at about 12knots.

This hull configuration provided a very sea worthy hull that provided a soft ride and excellent handling characteristics.






The Craft Range soon expanded as demand grew with 27ft and 29ft models. Sadly with the change of Company ownership and the global economics after 1988 the company folded.

There is still a lot of history about these crafts which we are trying to find out.  The whereabouts of the original plug and moulds of the individual crafts, company ownerships and developments have yet to be found.

If you have any information which you can pass forward please contact us.