Relcraft Boaters Group

We began our boating adventures as a Sapphire 23 owners. Not knowing anything about the craft, we decided to do some research.

We did extensive forum posts and Google Searches to try and find out more, however it became apparent very quickly that data was few and far between. Until finally a breakthrough! We made contact with Mike Kightley who was the Parts & Company Purchaser as well as After Sales Engineer. Without Mike's help this whole project wouldn't have the depth and wealth of data which we have today.

The Relcraft range was designed by John Moxham. I was fortunate to arrange a meeting with him and speaking to the man who designed these fantastic looking craft gave us all the buzz and drive to push this project forward.


Our vision is simple. RBG is here to celebrate this fantastic product and to offer help and support to all who is interested in this brand. 


Keen to find out as much information as possible we continue to history hunt. It would be great to find out what happened to the unfinished crafts which we know sadly didn't get completed when the company closed. And also the whereabouts of the original moulding tools should they still exist.


Our journey began on Social Media, and we have discovered that these crafts have travelled far and wide across the world. We've also managed to track down and now own one of the rarest crafts in the range; a Diamond 30 Sedans. We continue to research and also promote these boats offering a platform for other owners or like minded individuals.